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Client and Project NameOffered Valve TypeYear
SINOPEC Anqing BranchDBB,Ball Valve2000-2001
SINOPEC Sichuan Vinylon Plant,Gas PipelineBall,Gate,DBB Valve2000-2001
Chongqing Changshou Chemical Industry Central Plan,RemouldAPI Gate,DBB Valve2000-2002
Heilongjiang Lysine Plant,Annual Output 7 Thousands Tons ProjectsGlobe,Butterfly,DBB Valve2002
Shanxin Shengmu Chemical Industry Co.,LtdTrack Ball,Gate,Check,Ball Valve2004
Qinghai Yanhu Potassium Fertilizer CompanyGate,Globe,DBB Valve2000-2004
Taixing OLFL Fine ChemicalCo.,LtdBall,Butterfly,Strainer Valve2002-2004
Lutian Chemical Industry CorporationGate,Butterfly,Ball Valve2003-2004
China Fouth Chemical Industry Construction Engineering Co.,LtdStainless Stell Gate,Ball Valve2005
Shanghai Leader Catalyst Co.,LtdBall,Globe,DBB Valve2005-2010
SINOPEC Pipeline Storage and Transportation CompanyBig Size Ball,Slab Gate Valve2003-2005
SINOPEC Shengli Oilfield Company Qinghe Oil FactoryBall,Gate,Butterfly,Welded Gate Valve2002-2005
CNPC Jinzhou Petrochemical Engineering CompanyGate,Globe,Ball Valve2002-2005
Shanghai Meiya JinQiao Energy Co.,LtdGate,Globe,Butterfly,Ball Valve2007
SINOPEC Qingdao Petrochemical Company LtdGate,Globe,Check Valve2003-2005
Changqing Refinery Central Plant,Storage WarehouseGate,DBB,Ball Valve2001-2004
Changzhou Chemical FactoryGate,Ball,Butterfly Valve2001-2002
SINOPEC Qilu Company,Ethylene ProjectShuttle Check.DBB,Butterfly Valve2003
Taizhou Haili Chemical FactoryGate,Globe,Slab Gate Valve2000-2003
Nanjing Aidichen Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.Gate,Globe Valve2003-2007
Sichuan Tianhua CorporationGlobe,Butterfly,Gate Valve2003-2004
SINOPEC Chuanyu Company Oil Depot ProjectGate,Globe,Check Valve2004
Shandong Linhua GroupGate,Globe Valve2004
Shangdong Lineng GroupGate,Globe Valve2004
Hunan Zhicheng Chemical Industry Co.,LtdGate,Globe,Ball Valve2004
Jinan Shengbanglvye Chemical Industry Co.,LtdPlunger,Ball Valve2004
SINOPEC Great Wall Lubricating Branch,Reconstruction Project   API Gate,Globe,DBB Valve  2002-2004
Dalian Port Company LtdSlab Gate Valve2006
Xinjiang Dushanzi Petrochemical Company Refinery Plant Sales Department DBB,Slab Gate Valve2006,2010
SINOPEC Sales Company Luwan Pipeline Second Stage Project  Motorized DBB Valve2007
Jiangyin Zhengbang Chemicals Co.,LtdGate,Globe,Check Valve2007
Nanhua GroupConstruction Company Eleventh Engineering BranchDBB Valve2007-2008
SINOPEC Yangzhou Petrochemical Dock Storage CompanySlab Gate, Butterfly, DBB,Gate,Ball Valve2008
Tianjin Siduoer Telin Port Lingang Storage CompanySlab Gate,Gate,Ball Valve2008
Beijing Aerospace Petrochemical Technology & Equipment Engineering Corporation(Shenghua Project)  Pneumatic Metal Seated Ball Valve2009
Chongqing Hechuan Salt Chemical Industry Co.,LtdBall,Globe,Gate Valve2010
Hongqing Yafei Industrial CorporationSS Ball, Butterfly, Globe,Gate,Check Valve2010
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