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Slightly nutty Christian minister specializing in disability ministry.  I was given the name “Ariel” (“Lion of G-D”) by a Rabbi who said that I had the courage of a lion for explaining which passages in the Torah class he was leading pointed to Y’SHUA/JESUS, the Messiah of Israel and Savior of all who will accept Him.

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  • Devonne Gilbreath says:

    I am not good at writing, or expressing my feelings. I don’t ask many questions, for fear of what others think. Well, i am working on not caring what other people think, (not there yet) what important is what God thinks. I friended you because of your comments on Dana Renz’s status. I know your a man that loves God, and God’s people. In this past year i have lost more family members and friends than i have in all my 58 years. So….i trust you, and want to ask if it is ok if i ask questions about the Bible. Anyway, i have been trying to help a lady that has recently lost her husband. It seems like everytime i share with her, i confuse her more. This last time i told her we are no longer husband and wife in heaven, i crushed her. I don’t even know where this is in the bible, i heard a semorn on it years ago. She also wanted to know if it’s ok to talk to her husband, that she was told he couldn’t hear her. I so much want to comfort this woman, i just don’t have all the anwsers. I wanted to tell her that our main focus when we get to heaven is to worship and praise God, but i was fearful of confusing her more. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and all the time you put into sharing God’s message.

  • Ariel says:


    Thanks so much for visiting my website and for your kind comments and for your questions.

    The verses you’re thinking of are Matthew 22:30 (repeated in Mark 12:25) “For in the resurrection they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are like angels in heaven.”

    The enemies of JESUS, the Sadducees, were trying to trick Him. They didn’t believe in the Resurrection and were mocking Him by saying “So if there is a Resurrection, then if a woman marries a man and he dies, then she marries his brothers one after another and they all die, and the woman finally dies, whose wife is she in the Resurrection?” They were probably trying not to laugh as they asked it. JESUS answers that they don’t know anything about Scriptures or the power of GOD. Because GOD says “I AM the GOD of Abraham” (after Abraham was physically dead) it showed there IS a Resurrection because Abraham is alive, not dead (though his body is dead until that, too, is resurrected and reunited with his Spirit). By the way this also proves that Seventh Day Adventists & others who believe in “soul sleep” are wrong. As you say, marriage is just a way for people to learn about GOD through a relationship in this life. It’s pointless in Heaven and we’ll be like angels serving GOD. (So Mormons are wrong about marriage being eternal). We will know each other so well in Heaven that marriage would be unnecessary, like trying to smell a photograph of a flower while sitting in a garden.

    So you were right in what you said. She’ll still know her husband but their knowledge and love of GOD as well as each other and everyone else will be so great that having been married will just be an afterthought.

    But what really matters is that she’s hurting and nothing you say can help. All she has in her pain are her memories and a hope for the hurt to stop by being with him again. So please don’t say the above to her unless she asks some time in the future. Rather, just be with her. Cry with her, and just sit quietly with her and listen to her pour her heart out. She doesn’t want or need explanations. She just needs to work her way through the pain. We call this (quietly being with someone) the Ministry of Presence. Just be with her and don’t try to talk or convince her out of her pain. Just love her through it.

    Thanks for being the kind of friend who cares so much for her. i’m praying for you both.

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