The Shifted Gift

The Shifted Gift

At Bible Study today we studied Matthew 2, his version of the Christmas story like Luke 2 is Luke’s version. As we read the verses I realized that GOD promising Israel a Savior (Matthew’s version) then sharing Him with the world (Luke’s version) was like a father giving a child a gift.

The child thinks it’s only clothes, not what he really wanted. But then the father says “Surprise! You can share the wonderful gift I gave you with others!”

The child realizes that package he ignored isn’t clothes but something wonderful. He hasn’t enjoyed it for himself and he wants to do that before sharing it.

That’s what it must have been like for the Jewish leaders who finally came to Christ. They must have suddenly realized what a wonderful Gift They had been offered for centuries in prophesies about JESUS. But they didn’t really appreciate the Gift given in Matthew until reminded in Luke they were not only supposed to enjoy Him but share Him with the world. That’s why Paul said he tried to make his fellow Jewish people jealous to want the full Gift they had been offered but others were enjoying first.

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