The Veteran’s Day Gift

The Veterans Day Gift

Every military member benefits from expressing what they experienced during service. Whether talking about it, writing about it, drawing, singing, whatever. It is essential to get it out of your head and into the world. Once you contain the chaos by making it tangible that others can experience, you can handle it, build it into your life as a done deal of a specific moment in the past and move on.

Every experience you’ve had that caused trauma is a brick flying in a tornado until you express it. Snatch it out of your mind. Express it. Contain the chaos. And no matter how evil or hurtful it was, once it is expressed it can be cemented into a staircase with others like it for you and others to use to rise up higher and help yourself and others heal.

If you are a Christian this is your ministry to other members of the Body of Christ: to show Christ was with you through the worst of it and to testify that He can use the most hellish of experiences in the past for forgiveness, healing and growth.

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