Change Your Mind #Repentance

Change is always a byproduct of Salvation or there’d be no point in us being given a new heart and new mind. And that is a work of the Holy Spirit not us unless we are “workers together with Him.”

I believe the Bible says that it’s not about proving you’ve changed enough to prove you’re a Christian but about proving your MATURITY as a Christian to fill positions of authority in the Church.

Some make a hypothetical that can’t be answered (“WHAT IF…a new Christian is killed immediately…A person who says they’re a Christian murders his wife…”) when you can’t argue hypotheticals. Those are straw men to me.

There is no way for us to know how much or how little people knew in the time of JESUS about JESUS to be saved. That’s another hypothetical. But there’s no reason to tell people today they don’t need to know JESUS is GOD the Son or that He is LORD when you can TELL THEM. Because He IS. And to say you don’t need to believe TODAY what He said about Himself (that He is GOD the Son and that He is LORD) is wrong.

I know I am saved because the Bible says JESUS did everything necessary for me to be saved. I know He was able to do that because He is GOD the Son and LORD because He said so. And He proved it by the Resurrection. And it is my duty as a Believer to teach what He said to teach about Himself. To me, to simply not tell them to make a point that you don’t think people before the New Testament was written didn’t have to know it is irresponsible.

I can tell people that if they believe what He said about Himself and what He did they will be saved. And that if they are saved they will have a change of heart and mind because GOD gives those along with His Holy Spirit as part of Salvation as repentance (wanting to live for Him instead of self). The maturity and degree of that change is another matter.

So repentance is a joint responsibility. It is only a “work” in the sense of our doing what only the “work” of the Holy Spirit can enable, commission and impel us to do. He works and wills for His good pleasure and although we can resist it (quench the Spirit) we can’t totally resist it and will be disciplined (again, towards maturity).

But to call it a “work” alone is wrong unless you understand it is like saying wood “works” as it is consumed by the flame. It is the result of the work of the Holy Spirit working in (changing) us as a result of repentance which is the work of GOD making us burn for GOD in response to the degree of our will.