Wait Training

Wait Training

I’ve always thought of the “discipline” of Hebrews 12 as being punishment, so the discipline of being left alone as being punished for doing something wrong in past relationships with women. Of course we’re all responsible for wrongs in any relationship and I probably did more than my share. But the punishment seemed especially bitter because in the last relationship I was the one wronged (lied to and tricked). I’ve accepted that and we’ve made our peace and moved on but I still felt resentment over being punished by GOD for being left alone all this time as a result.

But now I’m realizing the word for discipline (paideia, Strong’s G3809) doesn’t only mean punishment. It can also mean training. And that can be just as unpleasant. (Ask anyone in the Army who does PT.)

So in effect it may not be that I’m being punished for my last relationship with a woman but being prepared for the next one. Husband training.

An old man (of 39!!…ahem…) who should be preparing for death being trained for marriage is ridiculous, I know. But I keep thinking that’s how JESUS is. He’s like that…Whenever I tell myself how stupid I am for thinking that way I can see Him smiling and saying “Wait and see…”

It’s the waiting…”Wait training”…that hurts and is frustrating when we focus on the moment. But the goal isn’t a relationship with a wife, really. It’s the Marriage Supper of the Lamb as the Bride.

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