Exodus Expunged

What would the Pharaoh of the Exodus say to those who say the Exodus never happened because no Egyptian records of it exist, if he could speak to them today?

“Fools! We did not allow any record of our fellow rulers to survive if they claimed glory greater than ours. We wiped the names of gods from stone with the muscle of our people and risked eternal wandering with no rest across the river. And yet you think we would preserve the records of foreign slaves and their god who humiliated us, destroyed our land, decimated our armies and escaped? Fools!

If I could walk the earth again and feel the sand beneath my feet I would wipe every monument from the earth. I would tear the tongue from any who would doubt this god of the one you call Mosheh. I know him now. I know he lives. Because he has conquered Anubis. He has shaded the face of Ra. He has entombed me in fire. And you will be as I am, slave of pride and feast of worms, unless you wipe the god of self away and learn of the god of slaves who is the only One.”