Martin and Me: Reformation Day

I’ve been posting all day about my birthday but can’t let the day pass without mentioning #ReformationDay.

Martin Luther and I have a lot in common. Both raised in the Roman Catholic church. Both weighed down by our sins and seeing GOD as a vengeful monster who had to be appeased. Both thinking a religious order (priesthood or monk) would be our path. Both reading the Bible on our own. (According to Roman Catholicism when I was a boy you were only permitted to read the Bible no more than 15 minutes without the permission of a priest because you’d misunderstand and misapply it…Like some guy named Martin Luther!)

I only read it because my parents ordered me not to touch it. Martin had his own reasons. But we were both searching for the Voice of GOD.

For Martin it was Romans 1:17. For me it was Hebrews 10:10, “Christ died once for all.” The book of Hebrews could have been called The Book of the Roman Catholics. Even as a teenager I could see “the sacrifice of the Mass” was against the Book of Hebrews. Kissing a wooden statue of Mary with money pinned to it, Marianism itself was against Scripture.

For both Martin and myself the journey was painful. But Scripture led to our both being born again, leaving Roman Catholicism and finding Life.

I can’t compare myself in any other way to Martin Luther other than the greatness of my sin. But I am grateful that we share the same Savior, the same Spiritual birth and the same assurance of eternal Life because Christ alone did what needed to be done, once and for all. And in our own ways Martin and I spent the rest of our lives on earth telling others how to find true Life in Christ.

He was just more successful at it. 😏