Waiting at the Bus Stop For Your Ship to Come In

When you get as old as I am, you’re supposed to have wisdom to pass on to younger folks. I don’t know if they’d listen or if they can.

But if I have any advice in life it would be the importance of two things:

Believe in the LORD JESUS Christ & be saved.

And the truth of the saying, “Time and tide wait for no one.”

We all hear it when we’re young. We think we have forever but that’s only possible when you know you’re Blood bought by GOD the Son Who wants you to have eternal Life.

So first make sure you have eternity. And then cherish every moment of Life. Even those times that seem like Hell on earth. Shut out the noise. Breathe in the Breath of GOD and live that moment.

Because it will be gone like the tide pulling the perfect shell away from your feet just as you reach for it. And it will never return. You may settle but you will always hear the wave and seek that shell but never find it. Keep living. Keep breathing. Keep moving.

Don’t be the person who spent their life at the bus stop waiting for their ship to come in.

Especially in love. Especially in love. Especially when every part of your body, mind and soul says you’re in love.

When you open your eyes in the morning knowing life is worth living because you’ll see that face again and that is your objective of the day. To breathe more deeply in their presence.

But the tide pulls out. Don’t let go. Learn to swim. Build a boat. Fall on your hands and knees and grab that shell.

Then move with the tide. Move with time. They’ll be gone and you’ll be tossed into eternity and the arms of JESUS. Smiling. Having fully loved. Having been fully loved. Having no regrets.

I stand at the bus stop waiting for my ship to come in. But my feet are still wet. Because she swam without me but I told her in that moment. She has my shell in her memory and I have her memory in my shell, still calling me to swim.