That Thine Though

That Thine Though

I work in a library where we offer books for free to soldiers and family members before the books are recycled. Many of these books have been well loved and have notes eagerly scribbled in them during an “Ah ha!” moment where reader meets eyes with author, perhaps over centuries, to share an idea.

There are lines like that in the Bible. Bible texts are more reliable than any other text in ancient Greek or Hebrew. But some few passages are difficult to distinguish between what was inspired by GOD in the original and what was added in a moment of inspiration by a reader, manuscript copiest or translator. Matthew 16:13 is like that.

We know JESUS prayed in His model prayer teaching others how to pray that we should pray to be kept from evil and the evil one. But the sudden jump in the next phrase, “For Yours (“Thine” in the King James) is the Kingdom, and the Power and the Glory, Forever, Amen” is unclear.

That phrase was ignored by early Christian commentators. It doesn’t exist in many early copies.

So did JESUS actually say this phrase? If He did not speak this exact phrase at that moment, JESUS and all of Scripture said the same point throughout the Bible.

It’s obvious from the very first chapter of the Bible that GOD created everything that is or ever was. So it is obvious that He (GOD the Father, to Whom JESUS, GOD the Son, addresses His prayer) owns all power and glory forever. JESUS says that he and the Father are mystically One. He is described as the Means not only of Creation but of holding all things together. The Bible says that only GOD lives forever and that He has been from forever and that there will be no end to His (Christ’s) Kingdom.

Over and over Scripture affirms and JESUS made the point that GOD has all Glory and all Power forever and ever. And the fervent assent of “Amen!” (As it should be!) is simply the speaker’s signature of agreement.

Did JESUS say the phrase “For Yours is the Kingdom, and the Power, and the Glory, Forever, Amen!”? With every Word He spoke and every action He took. With every drop of Blood willingly given in obedience to GOD the Father and out of love for us on the Cross. With His steps out of death and into Resurrection. And with His movement in Spirit in every soul that trusts Him for eternal life because He rescued them.

“For Thine is the Kingdom, and the Power, and the Glory, forever! Amen!” Matthew 6:13 (KJV)