Lunacy Isn’t Love

Every institution of higher education (college/university) and every institution of healing (hospital) in the United States was founded by Christian ministers. Today most are liberal swamps where the mention of Christ is actually punished.

Why? Because of other Christians failing to keep the standards and in the name of “Love” allowing Lucifer’s lunacy to have leadership.

Christian parents who “allow children to choose” whether to believe in Christ or not or to choose their own faith have damaged faith themselves and are condemning them, possibly, to Hell. Their permissiveness is “loving” them to death.

So are you every time you allow the idea that anything and anyone but Christ is equal to Him. Allow others to express their beliefs? Of course. But never believe your complicity to their ignorance is love. Your so-called “love” is betrayal of Christ, Truth Himself. And you will be liable by the mouths of those lost souls themselves, screaming in torment “Why didn’t you tell me the Truth?!”