The Eternal Engine

So far we’ve discussed how you can separate the good feelings you had from being in love, etc. from the cause of those feelings. Rather than feeling pain at the memory of lost love you can realize that the effects and euphoria of love are gifts still literally engraved in the wrinkles of your brain. By remembering the euphoria as a thing in itself, like a beautiful seashell apart from the creature that secreted it, you can maintain the euphoria of love and release it at will with only your will as the new cause. You are your own emotional engine.

But what if you could hook up to an eternal engine? What if there were a lubricant that never needed replacing? That renewed rather than causing friction and overheating?

The only thing better than being your own emotional engine is having an eternal emotion engine for your good. Eternal, all powerful control over emotions and a constant source of peace and joy available at will.

Christians have such power available to them. By disconnecting from other people, places and things we are dependent upon for such feelings we are free to become our own emotion engines. But that is not enough. Buddhists separate themselves from “the world” but rob themselves by the connecting to nothingness. They seek neither pleasure nor pain but absence. But Christians refuse to discard the joy of life because of pain. Instead they rewire their brains to concentrate on the good, peaceful and joyful not only for now but throughout eternity. This isn’t possible in themselves so they put their trust in JESUS.

When we trust JESUS as our Ultimate Cause we are no longer limited in the effects. We aren’t dependent on having to disconnect from other causes because once we trust Him His Holy Spirit assists us. The Blood of JESUS from the Cross is the lubricant that never causes friction or the stopping of our joy. We collect the seashells of uplifting emotions and experiences looking past the creature that secreted them and to JESUS the Creator of the creature. And of us. And of all things, including Love and Joy.

We have His finished work applied to us, so anything that causes ill emotions are disconnected, all painful causes are overcome, and everything in Life becomes filtered through His Blood and empowering. We are connected to Christ not only for daily power and joy, which we can have at will by the remembrance of it, but for eternity.
The past pain is gone. The brain is rewired to think of past pleasure as gifts we retain and the Cause is Christ. And we are empowered, “supercharged” for eternity as well. Knowing we are forgiven and “rebuilt”, as it were, new creations of the Creator, we have the added power and pleasure of His promises.

JESUS endured crucifixion because He saw through the Cross like a window to Home. And by disconnecting from our former causes and reconnecting to Him as our Eternal Cause we see through His eyes.

We now see (as much as possible while in flesh) the Eternal Now, like a child looking through a toy telescope seeing what he was told more than what he sees. We see what we can perceive of what JESUS promises Glory with Him is like. And the Holy Spirit within us at the moment of trusting JESUS for our past, present and future, makes us see Home.

Connected to JESUS we are empowered at will to have all of the joy we have experienced in life still in our memories, disconnected from any Cause but Him. We are energized by the Holy Spirit to strain our eyes forward to the holiday Home in eternity out the window of our classroom of lessons in this life. And we can have temporal and eternal joy in Him anywhere and any time for the asking even in the most painful circumstances, knowing eternal joy is a moment away.