Embracing the Effect

Causation (Cause and effect) applies Spiritually and emotionally as much as it does in physics. It even applies to love.

Cause and effect. You respond to a romantic interest in physical ways. Hormones get activated which stimulate the brain into wonderful sensations. The more you love and are loved the more stimulated you are. Your brain reacts to the cause of the Beloved with the effect of making you feel happy emotionally.

Those who are in love notice the truth of the statement “Everybody loves a lover.” As the Beloved makes you feel loved those loving feelings cause you to be more loving to others. You project those feelings and become the cause of those effects in others. You may even find that once you are in a relationship after a “dry spell” other possibilities suddenly appear. “Everybody loves a lover” and being loved allows you to project love and create love in others.

The end of love causes withdrawal. The endorphins that drove our feeling of joy we define as love subside and it feels like the oxygen has been drained from the room.

What if you could divide the effect from the cause? What if you could generate those same emotions, stimulate those same hormones, cause the same effect of being in love without the cause?

You would rewire your brain to feel love and produce loving feelings. You would be the cause of love in others. And you would be the object of the effect you caused in them.

Rewiring your brain makes love your default status with your own thoughts as the cause. The more you experience it from within and from others the deeper that rut gets until feeling all of the joy of love is your default state. And it is the cause of your own feelings of love for self and others, answered by the love of others but not dependent on it because your mind is your own love generator. The effect is a perpetual embracing of the effect of love, with yourself as the cause.

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