Standing in Blood

Attended a Bible Study with Billy Graham today! Wellll…Chaplain Billy Graham. 😏 He did a good job, too, becsuse he made a point I like to make. As he puts it, all of our deeds are “in the Cross”, the result of Salvation making us want to please JESUS. I use the phrase “in the shadow of the Cross”, produced by Christ’s Spirit through us and nothing outside of Christ’s accomplishments we can count as good works. We are “filling in” what Christ’s work does in the context of today and our situations, including His sufferings (see Colossians 1:24). But it’s still Christ doing it not us.

Another great illustration is from the original Ben Hur where the Blood of Christ washes down through the rain into the cave where Judah Ben-Hur’s family and love interest are hiding in their leprosy and they are healed. We stand in Christ’s healing Blood and anything we do is through His Blood as a result of His Grace not ourselves.