The Way has a Name


God Will Make a Way

Exodus 15:2 The Lord My GOD is my strength and my song; He also has become my Salvation; this is my GOD and I will praise Him, my father’s God and I will exalt Him

Trapped! For their entire lives they had been trapped in a world where they were powerless. They were beaten into submission and literally slaved away to grow abundant food for those who beat them while they were only given small rations, to build monuments for rulers who treated them like animals to literally be worshipped within, though it was against all they believed. Then they’d gotten word that help had come! Whispers from neighbors, plots in the mud pits, secret signs from family members all came together until the day of miracles when those who hated them and wouldn’t let them go free not only let them go, but gave them treasure to take and leave with! They ran as fast as they could and had followed this hero, this leader, this Moses so far. And suddenly they were stuck before the impassible sea in front of them and the greatest army in the world pursuing them when their enemies changed their minds about letting them go. Trapped again!

Our passage today is the song Moses sang when GOD led him and the people of Israel through the sea to escape that trap. And in their escape we, here today, see the way out of every trap, fear and challenge we will ever face as well.

Moses sings:

Exodus 15:2 The Lord My GOD is my strength and my song; He also has become my Salvation; this is my GOD and I will praise Him, my father’s God and I will exalt Him

The song Moses and the people sing has three parts:

When we accept GOD’s LORDship and give ourselves completely over to Him He becomes our strength. We accept that we can do nothing for ourselves to save ourselves. When that corridor opened up through the towering water, nobody said “How dare GOD only give us ONE way of escaping with our lives! He should give us one to my liking!” No, they knew that their only hope was in following the way GOD was leading them. They knew as most drivers know today, if you want to take a different route over the side of a bridge you are choosing death. Don’t blame the bridge builder. Moses acknowledges that this is the one and only true GOD, using the same Name GOD uses for Himself when He tells Moses to tell Israel about Him when speaking to Moses the first time back at the burning bush. He is the only hope of strength for anyone.

Second, Moses says GOD has become his song. David will later quote this same passage in Psalm 118:14 in the middle of a psalm (a song) singing about this same point, GOD and GOD alone being our Rescuer. When faced with seemingly impossible odds, our strength comes from realizing GOD can make a way where no way seems possible. That leads to praise and that praise leads to more strength and so on until we are following GOD, walking on the water of so-called impossibilities.

And finally, Moses sings about GOD becoming his Salvation. And here’s the wonderful part for all of us. This word for Rescue or Rescuer, Salvation, is “Yeshua” in Hebrew. It is the Jewish form of the Name we know as JESUS.

Not only did David also use this same verse but in Isaiah 11, GOD is describing that He is about to rescue His people in the end times, and not only the Jewish people, but anyone who trusts in Him. He will do this through a Branch of David’s family. GOD describes in Isaiah 11 and 12 that He will lead Believers in Him by means of this Person to come to Spiritual rescue, salvation, just as He led the Israelites to physical rescue through the sea. And in Isaiah 12:2 He repeats this same verse, this same song of Moses. Believers of all time will sing this same song: “The LORD has become my Rescuer. my Salvation…my YESHUA.”

YESHUA HA MESHIACH…”The One Anointed to Rescue”…JESUS CHRIST…says in John 14:6 “I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except by Me.” He uses the same Name “I AM” Moses would recognize as the Name of GOD, the only true GOD, for Himself. And He identifies Himself as the only way available back to to Father. He is the way through the impossible. He is the only hope of escape from our lives of sin and death that pursue us and mortality at any moment towering like waves over our head. There is no other choice but Life through YESHUA or our own way of death.

He is leading now. GOD is our strength for the believing, our song for the singing, and He has become our Salvation, YESHUA, JESUS, for the following.

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