Psalms 79:9 Help us, O God of our salvation, for the glory of thy name:
and deliver us, and purge away our sins, for thy name’s sake…80:19
Psalms 80:19 Turn (Restore) us again, O LORD God of hosts, cause thy
face to shine; and we shall be saved.


From raising babies to training puppies, human beings reinforce a
mistaken idea that can ruin their earthly lives and threaten their
eternal lives. That’s the idea of “good boy” or “good girl.” Because
we reward our children for doing what we want, and our puppies for not
going potty in the house, we get the mistaken idea that we earn all of
the good things we have in life. But that just isn’t so.

GOD says throughout the Bible that there is no good in humanity since
Satan tricked the first couple in the Garden of Eden into choosing their
own ways instead of GOD’s. Sometimes, as with Abraham, He will “credit” behavior to us as “righteous”, but even that is tainted with our
selfishness. JESUS says there is “none good but God.” Even when we do the “right” thing, there is some “what’s in it for me” element involved.
Rather than credentials to earn the good things of life, our best
actions are considered “filthy rags” (literally used tampons in the
Hebrew). They’re not credentials but “crud”-entials. We have all of
the good things of Life purely because GOD chooses to grant them to us.

These two Psalms, 79 and 80, were probably joined as one originally.
They were written and sung in the middle of torment by oppressors. The
children of Israel had been abused by captors and enemies and begged for
help from GOD over and over again who allowed them to come up for air.
Then they once again took pride in themselves, turned from GOD again,
and got submerged into slavery again to learn the bitter lesson that
they were not their own and could be owned (“pwned” these days) by other
humans being manipulated by their own evil desires spurred by Satan or
they could acknowledge their true master as GOD. But then they slipped
up and ended up in the same predicament again.

In these two verses, though, we find the answer to that question Paul
asks in Romans 7:24 “Who will rescue me” from doing exactly what I know
from experience I should not do and not doing that what I know I
*should* do? It is purely GOD.

GOD is our Salvation. He is our rescuer. That is why JESUS was born.
If we could do the right thing in our own power we wouldn’t need Him.
But we can’t so we do. And why? For the glory of His own Name.

This would seem prideful if it were anyone but GOD speaking. Humans
would be prideful and wrong to do something for their own glory. That
is what got Satan in trouble and what gets us in trouble every day. But
since GOD is the only One WORTHY of Glory, it is not only fitting and
right for Him to do things for His own glory, but to our benefit.
Because He invites us to trade identities with Him. Our “crud” is
passed to Him by the cross when we give ourselves over to Him
completely. He transfers our identity, like a credit card going through
a cash register, into credit on our account. But His blood pays the
charges and we are given a receipt in His Name giving us all of the
benefits of His never having sinned. Now we have the right to enter
into Heaven because we have the receipt. We have the Name applied to
us. We have His Life applied to us. And whatever life we have now is
in His identity of honor, not ours of bad choices. So His Glory is now
our glory.

He washed us clean, he purified us, for His own Name’s sake. If he had
done it in the name of any created thing, that would be as faulty as the
person who keeps failing. But because He never fails, His Name is pure.
Because He is the only totally honorable One, He is the only One whose Name is reliable. He is the only One who can and does restore us and
His face shines upon us as our Heavenly Father.

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