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Scratches of Circumstances

Sometimes the needle of circumstances leaves a scratch on the record of life instead of producing a love song. (And don’t ask what a record is or I’ll kick you in the shins…in Christian love.)

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Working in the Dark

The Fact of the Matter

If you must be alone, learn to enjoy being alone. And do what matters for others even if you don’t matter to anyone in particular.

The World Ends Today

THE WORLD ENDS TODAY for thousands whose lives end. Die to the world first & find eternal life in Jesus Christ before death finds you.

Always Room for JELLO

Being a Christian is like being fruit in a Jello salad. We’re surrounded & suspended by the sweetness of the Love of GOD. 🙂

Surfers of Circumstance

We are surfers of circumstance, carried by what GOD brings in the tide of Life with Scripture as our bodyboard carrying us Home.

Growing Pains

A sign of maturity is distinguishing pain parents & GOD allow for our good from the evil of pain itself. Injections bring healing.