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Links to the LORD (Psalm 24)

Linking to the LORD (Psalm 24) The answer to any question is linked to other answers to other questions. So when you have a problem, ask yourself what other questions would lead up to the answer you need. They may be implied questions, not asked as a question but understood as one. Every answer is […]

Haughty is Unholy (2 Chronicles 26)

Haughty is Unholy (2 Chronicles 26) Sometimes, when serving the Lord, we can become so excited about it that we forget we don’t do it alone. Believers are part of a Body. And when one part of the body becomes so swollen that it interferes with other parts of the body, we may become deathly […]

Counterfeit Kings (2 Chronicles 13)

Counterfeit Kings (2 Chronicles 13) King Abijah of Judah is son of Rehoboam, grandson of David and great-grandson of Solomon. He has inherited a mess with 10 of the 12 tribes he should be king over in rebellion under their own king, Jeroboam. And Jeroboam and his tribes keep warring against him and the tribes […]

Loss of Listening (2 Chronicles 12)

Loss of Listening (2 Chronicles 12) We’ve all heard of loss of hearing. That’s when a person grows deaf because of a physical problem with the ear or brain. That’s terrible but seldom fatal. Today’s Scripture tells us about an even worse condition: loss of listening. Loss of hearing is passive. It just happens. We […]

The Counsel of the Culture (2 Chronicles 10)

The Counsel of the Culture (2 Chronicles 10) Solomon as rich and powerful as he was still died. And for all his wisdom he had done great damage to the 12 tribes of Israel that his father David had reunited. While he was alive Solomon had befriended Jeroboam, a member of one of the tribes […]

The Way of the Wise: Knowledge Management & the Wise Men

THE WAY OF THE WISE: Knowledge Management and the Wise Men While thinking about Epiphany this morning I realized that the Gospel story of the Wise Men gives good lessons in Knowledge Management. According to Webster’s dictionary, wisdom includes: “accumulated philosophic or scientific learning: knowledge; the ability to discern inner qualities and relationships; insight; good […]


“Real leadership requires not only giftedness but tremendous courage (of our convictions).” Dr. Sinclair Ferguson

Acceptable Failure

As I continue to investigate the issue of Subject Matter Expertise and along the lines of my previous thoughts “The Velveteen Expert”, I’ve been considering: What is acceptable failure? And by “acceptable” I don’t mean in the standard sense of passing a course. Most of us have rubrics or standards for that. No, my question […]