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Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs What would you do if you went to work Monday and found you had the chairs you had in Kindergarten instead of your desk chair and desk? Your big ole self can’t fit in where your kindergarten self once did. Yet we Christians play a game of musical chairs every day. We worry […]

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Envy and Eternity (Psalm 73)

Envy and Eternity (Psalm 73) Everyone is envious at some point. Probably daily if they will admit it. This psalm is written by Asaph. He was David’s top musician and yet he still envied unbelievers who were indulging in sin and getting away with it. In this psalm, Asaph describes the disease of envy, its […]

For Memorial Day: Memories of My Master (Luke 22:19)

Memories of My Master Luke 22:19 AUDIO VERSION:  You are at work and the scent of a co-worker’s perfume or after-shave suddenly brings you back in time to a person you cared about who wore that same scent. You’re watching TV when an ad plays a song that transports you back to another time you […]

Beyond Blessing (Psalm 72)

Beyond Blessing (Psalm 72) Have you ever felt guilty for having everything you’ve ever wanted but still wanting more? That’s the point of today’s message. It is possible to go “beyond blessing” into being cursed. There is (on this side of the grave) too much of a good thing. Those who say they’re “beyond blessed” […]

Been There. Done That. (Psalm 65)

Been There. Done That. (Psalm 65) People often think that because there are two covenants (with Israel in the Old Testament and with the world in the New Testament) that JESUS isn’t in the Old Testament. But you can clearly see that the entire Bible is one Book, and that Book has one author, the […]

Comfort in Complaints (Psalm 64)

Comfort in Complaints (Psalm 64) Because David was a shepherd it’s easy to see animal descriptions in his psalms. In today’s psalm he starts off asking GOD to hear him in his complaint. It’s easy to see what David was probably thinking of, a little lamb bleating loudly for its mother. David is like the […]

The Saturated Soul (Psalm 63)

The Saturated Soul (Psalm 63) What is your soul saturated with? When the circumstances of life wring you like a sponge, what comes out? In today’s psalm David is in the wilderness and contrasts the dry desert around him with the richness of his soul in GOD. We know from the end of the psalm […]

Counterfeit Conviction (Psalm 59)

Counterfeit Conviction (Psalm 59) It’s an irony of human nature that we won’t feel guilty about what we should, but do feel guilty about things that matter less or not at all. And worse than that, we often listen to humans who accuse us of silly things while ignoring GOD shouting to our hearts to […]

The Silent Sentence (Psalm 58)

The Silent Sentence (Psalm 58) Translators have had trouble with this psalm. You may hear wildly different interpretations for verse one depending on which translation you read. That’s because there’s a word used only in this verse and nowhere else. Unfortunately it’s also the subject of the sentence and determines the whole point. The Hebrew […]

Hiding from the Hunter (Psalm 57)

Hiding from the Hunter (Psalm 57) So there David is. Jealous King Saul has lost his mind and has gone out with his army to hunt down David like an animal. Saul and his men went into a cave to rest. And it was the same cave where David and his men were hiding! You […]