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Addled Atheists

Romans 1:22 holds true today. Addled Atheists can’t stand to face their own ignorance and retweet celebrity instead of the cerebral. #quote

Believe the Baker

I’d rather trust the Baker who made the cake than trust the crumbs to know how they were made. #Creationism #quote

What’s At Stake

Too many preachers are busy telling people how to make their tents nicer when they should be telling them to pull up stakes and follow JESUS Home to the Father.

Life is Christmas

Life is Christmas: Daily gifts of new experiences opened with joy or disappointment depending on the colour of the light of the past #quote

Spiritual Chemotherapy

Seminary is Spiritual chemotherapy. You fill yourself with the poison of doubters to kill what’s Unscriptural & fulfill 1 Peter 3:15 #quote

Unwrapping Joy

The greatest gift from GOD is the realization that everything else in Life is a gift from Him as well.

Real Reward

Praise in paradise is preferable to platitudes, pot metal & paper from pigs of perdition.

Divine Driving

When the LORD drives you down a different road than the one you want it’s because He drew the map and knows the best route to Himself #Quote

Human Rights

A person who thinks someone is not the “right” color is not in his/her “right” mind. #Quote