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Secrets and Snuggles

Secrets and Snuggles Why should a strange man in a mall have more fun than you? Every year children literally line up in malls across the United States to snuggle into the laps of strange men with fake beards they are told will give them the secret desires of their hearts. Parents will say no […]

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Horns and Hands

Horns and Hands JESUS is giving examples of how we can be mature in living the changed Life He gives by following Him so we attract people to Him, not drive them away. It doesn’t matter whether people were literally blowing horns in the street when giving to the poor in ancient Israel. Even today […]

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One Wonderful Word: When

One Wonderful Word: When Bible scholars will tell you, and I agree, that you should never build an entire message on one word in Scripture. This is the way of barterers of “breakthroughs” like TD Jakes, Joel Olsteen, and others who take words out of context and sell you entire DVD collections of their deadly […]

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Christ and Contradictions

Christ of Contradictions JESUS has been teaching on a mountainside for maybe an hour. And He already seems to be contradicting Himself. He started off telling those who follow Him not to hide the changes that will happen to them if they give their lives to Him. He says to let the changes the Holy […]

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Docking Decisions

Docking Decisions As JESUS is teaching those who want to know more about Him how to have a relationship with Him, He is speaking to fishermen who had followed Him literally straight off their boats. These disciples are among many folks from near and far who had heard about His miracles. And He uses words […]

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Called to Contrasts: Maturity in Making a Differemce

Called to Contrasts: Maturity in Making a Difference JESUS has been making the same point over and over again. He is calling people to follow Him and be changed. Not in some ethereal, playing harps on clouds ways. But in day to day changes that make changes in other lives to attract those people to […]

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Mature in Making Amends

Mature in Making Amends JESUS has been talking for quite a while. But He is only just getting started. He’s sitting on a mountain talking to those who are amazed at His words and are amazed that He seems like nobody and somebody at the same time. He speaks to them as if He is […]

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The Least and the Law

The Least and the Law JESUS is so confusing sometimes. Considering He is called “the Word”, the ultimate expression of communication, in the Bible He can be hard to understand sometimes. Until He’s not. JESUS is teaching on a mountainside and has explained the differences that will happen to those who truly are His. They […]

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Fight To Be Light

Fight to be Light JESUS is still teaching on a mountainside (what will come to be known as the Sermon on the Mount) and is giving examples of how those who belong to Him should be demonstrating it in who they are (what we call the beatitudes) that He described earlier. Not by their own […]

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Slim Fast and Salvation

Slim Fast and Salvation I hate Slim Fast. You’re supposed to drink it to replace a meal to help you lose weight. I hate it because it says it will taste like “Creamy Chocolate.” Now I know a little about chocolate. I eat as much as possible to keep children from getting it and getting […]

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