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JESUS Jelly It may sound blasphemous at first, but in a lot of ways, JESUS is the jelly to our peanut butter in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. When we understand the Gospel correctly, as with a proper PB&J sandwich, both are mixed inextricably together. JESUS is in us and through us and we […]

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Pouter Politics

#PouterPolitics Whining about losing with revisionist history and lies, destroying the reputation of your betters. It’s as old as pharaohs destroying the records of other pharaohs (and Israel) they were inferior to and as modern as ISIS and the Liberals offended by the Confederate flag, so-called history on the History Channel, dramas on PBS and […]

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The Real Resistance Required

Whether it’s politics or race or religion or anything else, humans not ruled by Christ are tools of the spiritual opponents of Christ; never His equal but demonic delinquents throwing tantrums. Only Christ in Christ’s people through Christ’s power doing Christ’s will can defeat them. “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but […]

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You, too!

I was reminded today that I am more Chaplain than civilian though I don’t fit in with either. I’m like the ugly duckling, set apart. When I get to Glory because of what JESUS did for me I don’t expect to be in the crowds of heroes of the faith who are praised for all […]

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The Breastplate of Belief

The Breastplate of Belief I noticed something very interesting this morning. In our Bible study on Ephesians 6 yesterday at lunch we mentioned the full armor of GOD and the breastplate of righteousness (Eph 6:14). But in Thessalonians, Paul calls it the “breastplate of faith” (1 Thess 5:8). Uh oh! Was Paul having a senior […]

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I Wish I Were

I wish I were right where I am and who GOD made me to be. I wish I were right where I am and who GOD made me to be. I don’t need more money and I don’t want a Honey ’til Heavenly Father gives her to me. I don’t need the beach because it’s […]

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Christian Cowardice

Christian Cowardice Christians, don’t pray for Manchester. Don’t pray for Paris or any of the hundreds of places where Moslem terrorists are killing people and destroying lives and history. Pray for yourselves. Because it is your cowardice and fear to confront the evil behind the murders, including the murders of members of your own Christian […]

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Christian Community

Christianity doesn’t so much measure competency (since one can’t create Spiritual gifts) but measures the expression of the grace that is given. Christian community is a group gathered to glorify God by constantly giving out the grace of the gifts GOD gave each member. Paul Villano #quote

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The Eternal Engine

So far we’ve discussed how you can separate the good feelings you had from being in love, etc. from the cause of those feelings. Rather than feeling pain at the memory of lost love you can realize that the effects and euphoria of love are gifts still literally engraved in the wrinkles of your brain. […]

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Embracing the Effect

Causation (Cause and effect) applies Spiritually and emotionally as much as it does in physics. It even applies to love. Cause and effect. You respond to a romantic interest in physical ways. Hormones get activated which stimulate the brain into wonderful sensations. The more you love and are loved the more stimulated you are. Your […]

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