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That Thine Though

That Thine Though I work in a library where we offer books for free to soldiers and family members before the books are recycled. Many of these books have been well loved and have notes eagerly scribbled in them during an “Ah ha!” moment where reader meets eyes with author, perhaps over centuries, to share […]

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Testing! Testing!

Testing, Testing My father was a genius who never graduated High School but taught himself to repair anything electronic. Whenever he tested microphones or recording equipment he’d shout into the microphone “Testing! One, Two, Three, Four!” to see if it worked as designed. The Bible says a lot about testing. And there are several varieties. […]

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Jesus and Blue Suede Shoes

Charles Spurgeon’s question “What would JESUS do?” is very poor theology. It leads us to try to guess in our own power and makes us assume our ungodly choices are justified. Like putting a white jumpsuit over a 60-something beer belly with blue suede shoes and saying you’re Elvis. Scripture tells us when we are […]

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Against Loneliness

I know the LORD Who is stronger than loneliness and Who overcame loneliness for me. I know JESUS Christ Whose bride is the Church, His Body, to which I belong, and believe He has a partner for me. I am a part of the family of GOD and believe His Word that He puts the […]

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Purely Yours

As I thought about Psalm 139 today, the prayer that came to mind was, “LORD, let me be purely Yours!” Purely as in completely. Pure in intention. Pure in love. Pure in lifestyle as His Presence to others. May we each have this prayer and intent today, to have JESUS purify Who He has made […]

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The Sore Loser

I told my Jewish friend Bobby about JESUS many years ago and believe he became a Christian. The world labelled him mentally retarded but I always told him he was smarter than me. He died from complications of diabetes a while back. While others ask “What would JESUS do?” (surprisingly bad theology from Charles Spurgeon), […]

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Lunacy Isn’t Love

Every institution of higher education (college/university) and every institution of healing (hospital) in the United States was founded by Christian ministers. Today most are liberal swamps where the mention of Christ is actually punished. Why? Because of other Christians failing to keep the standards and in the name of “Love” allowing Lucifer’s lunacy to have […]

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The United States isn’t about privileges. It’s about responsibility to express the freedom given us by GOD in ways pleasing to GOD and the responsibility to share that freedom with all who are willing to responsibly handle it. #quote #Independence #July4th Letter by John Adams upon the signing of the Declaration of Independence: “…I am […]

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Servants Don’t Choose How to Serve

The thing human souls must learn that Satan never learned is that the servant doesn’t choose how he is to serve. #Quote

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All We Need

Boredom in hearing the Gospel is due to not putting it into PRACTICE serving and witnessing to others and daily reminding yourself that it applies to you. All we can count on for Life in this world and the New Heavens and New Earth is that GOD the Son completely bought us, completely forgives us, […]

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