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Evil Eyes

We can’t stop others from falsely accusing us of evil. They’re not seeing us but a reflection of themselves. #SeeMatthewChapter6Verse23

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“Steak” Your Life On It

Some people are all sizzle & no steak. Live a life of substance not sizzling slogans that go up in smoke. #quote See Matt 7:21

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Playing with Playboy

The world is mourning the death of Hugh Hefner, pervert publisher of Playboy magazine. When I think of all of the boys and men whose minds he poisoned I can only think of the words of JESUS: “And he said to his disciples, “Temptations to sin are sure to come, but woe to the one […]

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The Value of Verified Vision

The Value of Verified Vision “Perception is reality”…”The truth today…” Those sayings are popular today. And both are lies from Hell. Because they both deny the reality of Ultimate Reality and Ultimate Truth. They put flawed personal opinion, experience and emotion in place of GOD. JESUS, GOD the Son, says He IS Truth. He is […]

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Needing to Kneel

GOD says soon every creature from glorious angel to every human to the demons of hell will “take a knee.” Not to dishonor the flag that gave them the freedom to become whiney millionaires but to honor JESUS Christ, King of Kings and LORD of Lords. Do you know Him? #Priorities #NFL #TakeAKnee “For to […]

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Investing in Eternity

Investing in Eternity “Having the receipts” is slang today for having proof. What proof is there that you have eternal Life? It seems confusing when we hear JESUS say that our hearts will be where our treasure is. We know somehow that JESUS condemns the love of money even if we can’t quote the verse […]

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Lasting Fasting

Lasting Fasting Most Martial Arts (Karate, Judo, etc.) seem the opposite of what they say. Although their name speaks of violence (Martial from Mars, the mythical war god) they avoid violence by redirecting the force of an attack to make the attacker powerless. A thrown punch by an attacker is pulled rather than blocked by […]

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Waiting at the Bus Stop For Your Ship to Come In

When you get as old as I am, you’re supposed to have wisdom to pass on to younger folks. I don’t know if they’d listen or if they can. But if I have any advice in life it would be the importance of two things: Believe in the LORD JESUS Christ & be saved. And […]

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That Thine Though

That Thine Though I work in a library where we offer books for free to soldiers and family members before the books are recycled. Many of these books have been well loved and have notes eagerly scribbled in them during an “Ah ha!” moment where reader meets eyes with author, perhaps over centuries, to share […]

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Testing! Testing!

Testing, Testing My father was a genius who never graduated High School but taught himself to repair anything electronic. Whenever he tested microphones or recording equipment he’d shout into the microphone “Testing! One, Two, Three, Four!” to see if it worked as designed. The Bible says a lot about testing. And there are several varieties. […]

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