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The Shifted Gift

The Shifted Gift At Bible Study today we studied Matthew 2, his version of the Christmas story like Luke 2 is Luke’s version. As we read the verses I realized that GOD promising Israel a Savior (Matthew’s version) then sharing Him with the world (Luke’s version) was like a father giving a child a gift. […]

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The Veteran’s Day Gift

The Veterans Day Gift Every military member benefits from expressing what they experienced during service. Whether talking about it, writing about it, drawing, singing, whatever. It is essential to get it out of your head and into the world. Once you contain the chaos by making it tangible that others can experience, you can handle […]

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Change Your Mind #Repentance

Change is always a byproduct of Salvation or there’d be no point in us being given a new heart and new mind. And that is a work of the Holy Spirit not us unless we are “workers together with Him.” I believe the Bible says that it’s not about proving you’ve changed enough to prove […]

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Follow Don’t Wallow

Follow Don’t Wallow

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Wait Training

Wait Training I’ve always thought of the “discipline” of Hebrews 12 as being punishment, so the discipline of being left alone as being punished for doing something wrong in past relationships with women. Of course we’re all responsible for wrongs in any relationship and I probably did more than my share. But the punishment seemed […]

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Exodus Expunged

What would the Pharaoh of the Exodus say to those who say the Exodus never happened because no Egyptian records of it exist, if he could speak to them today? “Fools! We did not allow any record of our fellow rulers to survive if they claimed glory greater than ours. We wiped the names of […]

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Martin and Me: Reformation Day

I’ve been posting all day about my birthday but can’t let the day pass without mentioning #ReformationDay. Martin Luther and I have a lot in common. Both raised in the Roman Catholic church. Both weighed down by our sins and seeing GOD as a vengeful monster who had to be appeased. Both thinking a religious […]

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Sacred Signature

If you’re in the Army you’ve seen or may have had the responsibility to even sign above the line that says “For the Commander” (or some other person of authority). That signature is as meaningful and powerful as that person taking your hand and signing their signature with your hand. That is exactly what Paul […]

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Nested Needs

Nested Needs (Matthew 6:24-34) Anyone else telling this message would mention those little Russian Metryoshka dolls that nest one inside the other from tiniest to largest. They’re called Kokeshi in Japan. But I’m Italian so I think of the mixing bowls my grandmothers and mother used to knead dough for everything from cookies to pasta […]

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Evil Eyes

We can’t stop others from falsely accusing us of evil. They’re not seeing us but a reflection of themselves. #SeeMatthewChapter6Verse23

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