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Starving for Satisfaction

Starving for Satisfaction You are hungry for something but you don’t know what. You’re thirsty but although you can fizz yourself to fulness on soda (pop), nothing quenches your thirst. You are Elvis Presley and can have anything you want in the world but feel the need to buy and eat and drug your way […]

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Meaning for Mourning

Meaning for Mourning The worst part of life is the loss of it. Death of loved ones. The thought of our own death. Even the passing life of the seasons, of animals, of plants, all have a way of breaking our hearts and making us mourn the loss of life. JESUS is sitting on a […]

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Holy Happy

Holy Happy The only way to be wholly happy is to be happy because you’ve been made holy. Some wannabe Bible teachers these days don’t bother studying the original languages of the Bible but click over on their iphone Bible to a list of all of the different meanings of a word and use any […]

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Student Teachers

Student Teachers JESUS began His ministry by teaching about Who He is as the promised Messiah. And that He, the Messiah the Scriptures had predicted, is GOD the Son, offering a new Life as citizens of His Kingdom. The class demonstrations were healings and the classroom was wherever He travelled. Scripture seems to say that […]

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Gone Fishin’

Gone Fishin’ Have you ever been in great need of help but when seeking and praying to GOD felt as if He has hung up a sign that said “Gone Fishin’”? That’s how John the Baptist felt when JESUS had triumphed over Satan, heard about John being locked up in prison for opposing Herod’s marriage […]

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Serving Spirits

Serving Spirits We have no trouble understanding that there are light waves all around us that our eyes can’t see, sounds only a dog can hear, and that all of the radio waves and electronic signals going to our devices and phones are all around us, unseen. But we don’t like to think about being […]

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Standing in Blood

Attended a Bible Study with Billy Graham today! Wellll…Chaplain Billy Graham. 😏 He did a good job, too, becsuse he made a point I like to make. As he puts it, all of our deeds are “in the Cross”, the result of Salvation making us want to please JESUS. I use the phrase “in the […]

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The Love of Judas

The Love of Judas Think of an evil king offering a good man all his power and all his kingdoms. Good news, right? The end of torture, food for the hungry, money for the poor, help for the sick, leadership with compassion and love! Even if the good man were another king this would all […]

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The Doubt Diet

The Doubt Diet Keep fatty, non-nutritious things out of your mouth, exercise more, and you will be healthier. It is a simple plan except if you are human. Healthy is hard for most of us and that includes being Spiritually healthy by keeping the word “if” out of our minds, mouths and hearts when thinking […]

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Bread Spread: The Flavorful Life

Bread Spread There is nothing like a hot, chewy pretzel from a New York pushcart. I still remember them from my childhood and the squeak the soft dough would make as you bit into them. But as good as the doughy, bread-like pretzels were, they needed those huge crystals of salt added on top and […]

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